Why cooperate with us?

Give yourself flexibility in work and focus on your project, and we will take care of everything else.

We could be your full time employer in Serbia.
We are here for all legal and administrative support, leave us the paperwork, regulate with us all contributions & employment status.
Provide yourself with the right to subsidies and reduce your tax expenses at the end of the year.
Enjoy employee status, anywhere in the world.
Apply for any loan, banks will be happy to see you.

Who can be an Independent Contractor? What is an Independent Contractor?

This term is often confused with the term Freelancer but there is actually a big difference. Freelancers and Independent Contractors work temporarily for organizations. They have greater financial and professional independence from the typical employee who receives a salary and benefits for online remote work - part-time or full-time work.

Mostly IT professionals, designers, copywriters, artists, architects….

However, freelancers and independent contractors differ in several keyways:

Additional benefits of being an Adecco employee Independent Contractor
Employee rightsAdecco as a formal employer offers all the benefits that you would have in a stable company such as application and employment contract, right to paid sickness leave, vacation for 20 days or more, on health and retirement insurance for yourself and for members of the whole family...
Reliable partner in one placeAdecco provides the support of our administrator who assumes the role of your personal HR. Our team will help you to provide any document related to your employment as needed (employment certificate, average income/ document for banks, annual income reports...)
Credit abilityAs an Adecco employee, you will eligible to apply for any bank product.
Security of cooperation with AdeccoAll transactions, data and payments are protected. Our employees come first, so there's no room for any delays. We fully follow the law, so you will be fully paid for your work.
The balance between private and business lifeWorking hours are more like traditionally employed, usually 8 hours a day during the working week.
Choice of location for work, socialization and working hoursIt can negotiate a work location for each project, sometimes with the option of working in Adecco offices with other colleagues.
Equipment for workYou can use your own equipment, but Adecco can provide it for you in agreement with the client you work for.

How to start a career as an independent contractor?

If you are ready to become an independent contractor, here are some practical steps to get you started:

Write a business plan

Be sure to include things like your rates, costs, and expected growth. Seriously consider hiring an expert at this stage so you can make a plan that is realistic and professional.

Separate personal and 
business banking

This makes it much easier to manage your accounts.

Insure your business

Professional damage and public accountability are usually important.

Choose a partner

Choose a reliable partner for business development and maintenance.

Why Adecco?

Team of experts - Adecco has a team of experts who provide professionalism and support through a process that can be stressful and exhausting.
Clear pricing policy - Adecco has a clear pricing policy and directly from the company you work for - you negotiate a for yourself and we negotiate the terms of cooperation with employer.
Easy and reliable process - no hidden costs, no surprises.
Online communication - Send and sign contracts electronically in just minutes. We are here for you and online.

Tax Relief

By getting a job at Adecco, you get the possibility of freelance tax relief. Calculate your income with and without tax deductions and get benefits of freelance services.

total cost to the employer without tax relief
total cost to the employer with tax relief

We here to help you find the best solutions for your online freelance remote work.

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