Adecco’s 20 years in Adriatic

Novosti Objavljeno:  24.12.2019

Through this year, Adecco continued to advance mission to make the future work for everyone. We supported millions of individuals into work globaly, and thousands in Adriatic region. At the same time, we enabled our clients everywhere to embrace the future of work. As we look ahead to 2020, we will continue to build on this progress. This year is important to us, because of the fact that it is our yubilee, and representation of 20 years of partnership with companies, strong conections with people, and many, many positive changes in the human resource sector in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. 

„Looking back into 2019 and the whole decade, I can only say “Adecco makes a difference. Our colleagues make a difference.” For as long as I have been part of Adecco, I am proud of a difference we all do by providing work to thousands of people across the Adriatic every day. Our clients perform better due to collaboration with us. Governments benefit from our industry knowledge. And through our advices they make better regulations. We should all be proud of our work and the differences we make on daily bases.

We are only few days away from 2020 and celebrating 20 years in Adriatic. We should be proud of working for a company that has 20 years of expertise on Adriatic market. We have started our business in Slovenia 20 years ago and after expanded to Serbia and Croatia. With such an experience, I am truly excited and optimistic about the results we are going to achieve in 2020.“ says Miro Smrekar, Head of Adecco Adriatic.